Legal Assistance to Media (1999) Press Now, Netherlands

It consists of drafting by-laws for the National Council of Radio-Television, preparing and publishing a guide for electronic media ownership and the European Court of Human Rights case-law collection on freedom of expression.
Law on High Council of Justice (2000) OSFA-Soros Foundation

Drafting of new law on High Council of Justice after successful lobbying with Minister of Justice and President's office.
Asylum System Legislation Review (2001) UNHCR

Legislation drafting and lobbying in six areas, as different as health, employment, insurance for asylum seekers.
Electoral Code Commentary (2001) Democracy Fund/IFES/ USAID

Preparation and publication of a comprehensive legal commentary on electoral legislation, including the travaux préparatoires and court jurisprudence.
Media Law Proposal (2002) Press Now. Netherlands

Preparation of legislation on print media and organization of public information campaign, including the mayor conference with interested actors.
Commentary of Albanian NGO Laws (2002) ICNL

Preparation and publication of a comprehensive commentary on recent NGO legislation, including the travaux preparatoires and court jurisprudence.
Commentary on Freedom of Information Law (2003) Democracy Grants/US Embassy
Preparation and publication of a comprehensive commentary on FOIA, including the travaux preparatoires and court jurisprudence.
Millennium Challenge Account(MCA) Program -“Business Registration Component” (2006) USAID
Preparing the legal framework (new NBC law, and related amendments to existing laws) for the establishment of the National Business Center, providing for the NBC to be the authorized body for all business registration through the District Court.
OSFA, Rule of Law and Human Rights Program- "Government Accountability vis--vis Judicial Decisions"  (2013) OSFA-Soros Foundation
Under a contract with the Open Society Foundation for Albania, IPLS is implementing a project that aims to overhaul Albania's 13 years old Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Following a detailed analysis of the problems encountered by civil society organizations, media and individuals in the course of FOIA applications, in May 2012 IPLS and OSFA organized a major stakeholders' conference where the findings of the analysis and the proposed areas of intervention were thoroughly debated. Strong of the conference's feedback IPLS proceeded with the drafting stage which was completed in January 2013. The main features of the proposed Albanian FOIA include: a) a new oversight body; b) full proportionality and public interest test for all FOIA exceptions (including classified data); c) strong emphasis on proactive publishing of information by public bodies; and d) enhanced administrative review and sanctioning powers. In February 2013, the Ministry of Justice initiated the round of legislative consultations based on the IPLS draft. We will be following closely the legislative process until its completion.