Since 1998, the founders were responsible for the drafting of the current Albanian constitution and authored more than twenty (20) post-Constitutional reform laws.  All of the drafted laws have already have been passed into law by Parliament.

B-A Board of Directors manages IPLS. The Board of Directors is comprised of five (5) members with reputation, knowledge and working experience in Albania, in legal and other fields.                                                                                                    

The Board is responsible for determining the overall strategies, programs and budget of IPLS as well as make the evaluation of its activities on an annual basis. It also assumes the appointment of the Executive Director for IPLS.  The Executive Director of IPLS is responsible for the daily management of the Institute including the oversight of the staff, the proper implementation of the projects and of the Board’s decisions.  The Executive Director may not serve on the Board.

The Board of Directors is solely responsible for all decisions regarding funding.  The Board defines the criteria for making decisions concerning the goals of the Institute and funding.  Based on the criteria the Board allocates an annual budget for the Institute that includes an operational budget.

IPLS intends to create an Advisory Board comprised of nine people from Albania, in such areas of expertise such as law, policy, media, business, financing, statistics, public administration, media, and education.  The purpose of the Advisory Board is to keep IPLS abreast to new and developing legal and policy issues, propose projects, and provide feed back on the work of IPLS.

C- Full-time staff composition

The structure of IPLS for the time being is light and flexible. The staffing is, of course, far from the initial planning because of insufficient funds. Currently, four full time staff are hired and operational. The positions currently held are as follows: Executive Director, Policy Program Director, Legal Program Director, Financier/ Secretary.

IPLS is planning to recruit appropriate candidates as the volume of work increases.

D-Associated staff, part-time staff and consultants

Besides its full-time staff, IPLS has striven to identify and attract professionals on an ad hoc basis. Such policy has the advantage of keeping the administrative expenses at a minimum while, at the same time, allowing for a free hand on allocating the right person to the right project. Among its closest team of collaborators IPLS counts at least ten of them, mostly young professionals who have made valuable contribution in the areas of constitutional, administrative and commercial law, public procurement policies, economic development, NGO management etc. They mainly come from public administration offices, university and civil society organizations in Albania.