Decentralization and Local Governance

1Municipal Procedures and Citizens at Tirana Town Hall (2001) - Local Government Institute/OSI
IPLS proposed a scheme, a procedure and mechanisms which were used by Tirana Hall to setup its current Citizen Information Center where most of the requests by local businesses are now collected and delivered. In that case IPLS undertook a profound analysis of the workflow related to the processing of the requests lodged by the local citizens/businesses, formulated recommendations for appropriate regulatory interventions, prepared model forms for use by citizens in their dealings with the Municipality, prepared an internal regulation aimed at eliminating the existing flaws through a streamlined and expeditious procedure.
2Assessment Report on USAID programs in Albania, 2000-2003 - USAID
An impact assessment of USAID programs in Albania since 2000, and recommendations for change into the remaining 2003-2006 period. The assessment focused on all areas under USAID Democracy and Governance programs, notably rule of law, anti-corruption and civil society development.
3Analysis of Survey Findings on Tirana Municipal Services Delivery (2003) - World Bank
A detailed and thorough analysis was undertaken of the results of a Survey on Tirana Municipal Services, conducted by another Albanian Institute (Urban Research Institute), under the WB-funded Tirana Transparency Project. Recommendations, useful for the Tirana City Hall in addressing its citizen concerns, were summarized by topic of survey.