Public Administration Reform

1Administrative Law Proposal (2000) - National Endowment for Democracy, USA
Nationwide training on administrative Procedure legislation, as well as publication of a citizens` manual and a legal commentary on the Code of Administrative Procedures.
2Millennium Challenge Account(MCA) Program -“Business Registration Component” (2006) - USAID
Preparing the legal framework (new NBC law, and related amendments to existing laws) for the establishment of the National Business Center, providing for the NBC to be the authorized body for all business registration through the District Court.
3Budgeting-Public Procurement Procedures-Transparency (2002)
Creation and enforcement of three national public procurement registries: Registry of Expenditures, Registry of Public Procurement Forecasting, Registry of Public Procurement Realizations. The IPLS work resulted into the approval of a Council of Ministers Decision in December 2002. The Public Procurement Agency was assisted by IPLS to carry out a part of the CoM Decision requirements. The project aimed at increasing the planning capacity of procurement entities, enhancing the visibility of expenditures by central bodies of Government, increasing the transparency and access of public procurement process for all stakeholders through the introduction of Information Technology.
4Improve Dissemination of Information and Public Relations at the Ministry of Justice of Albania (2005) - World Bank
The project intended to help the MOJ articulate and implement an overall Information Strategy for the justice sector. It focused on the establishment of a comprehensive information system at the MOJ consisting of three major dimensions: internal communication, communication with stakeholders of the justice system and the general public. The project provided for a series of concrete measures encompassing regulatory development, policy direction, restructuring, marketing tools, etc. IPLS provided concrete proposals for a Public Information Office, a Media Office, and a revised and ameliorated Web Site, as important contact and delivery points of the MOJ for the general public and the various stakeholders of the justice sector.
5PACO Impact Project “Implementation of Anti-Corruption Plans in South-East Europe” (2006) - Council of Europe/Secretariat General
IPLS provided legal and technical advice and written recommendations on the content and structure of the [then] future Internal Rules of Procedure for the Anti-Corruption Agency of Kosovo, in accordance with the newly passed law on “Suppression of Corruption”.
6Millennium Challenge Account(MCA) Program -"Business Registration Component" “” (2007) - USAID
Preparation of the Internal Rules of the Business Registration Center; Preparation and Negotiation of Formal Agreements between the Business Registration Center and other Registration Agencies and Municipalities.
7Millennium Challenge Account(MCA) Program -"Business Registration Component" “; (2008) - USAID
Technical expertise and know-how draft the package of secondary legislation for the implementation of the tax procedure law.