The analysis of the Plan of Measures of the 2021-2025 Cross-cutting Justice Strategy was carried out in the context of the “All Eyes on Justice” project funded by the MATRA Program of the Dutch Embassy in Albania and was implemented by the Institute for Public and Legal Studies (IPLS). The project covers the 2020-2022 period, when the 2021-2025 Cross-cutting Justice Strategy (CJS II) was drafted and its five-year implementation begins.

CJS II is a continuation of CJS I and is developed as an answer to the needs of justice reform, already considered by all national and international stakeholders as currently the most important reform in Albania. The progress and outcomes of this reform affect to a considerable extent the process of Albania’s integration into the European Union. Led and coordinated by the Ministry of Justice and supported by the EU Euralius program, the 2021-2025 Cross-cutting Justice Strategy is a result of the cooperation among all current institutions of the justice system, as well as a consultation process with various international stakeholders and members of the Albanian civil society. This strategic document becomes more concretely implemented through an integrated Action Plan and a considerable number of indicators which will enable the monitoring and evaluation of its implementation.


The content of the study, analysis and eventual following discussions represent the views and is the individual responsibility of the IPLS. It cannot be considered as reflecting the views of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


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